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Hana Trade Solutions

The Best Service for Your Business Needs

Our trade solutions will make your export, import, and domestic business trades become more convenient. Whatever your needs, our Trade Specialist will work with you to create reliable, easy and convenient solutions.
More than that, our connection and experience mean you will work with a partner that can provide the right recommendation and create efficiency for your transactions – international or domestic.

Benefits for Your Business

  • What Hana Trade Solutions can do for your business:
    • Provide your business transactions with efficient and reliable services.
    • Accommodate not only IDR but also USD and EUR transactions.
    • Better security through SWIFT network.
    • Competitive fees and exchange rates.

How to Join

  • Join Hana Trade Solutions now:
    • Current Account customers (IDR or foreign currencies).
    • Own and provide documentation for Business License, Company Registration, Tax Registration, Article of Association and any amendment.
    • Own Angka Pengenal Import or Angka Pengenal Impor Terbatas (Import Identification).
    • Own letter of credit supported with appropriate collaterals.

KEB Hana Bank

Credit Card Discount Promotion Details

NOTE: Depending on Merchant/Store circumstances Discount Offers are subject to change at any time without prior written notice.


KEB Hana Bank

KEB Hana Bank