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KEB Hana KTA is a credit facility for Professional, Entrepreneur and Employee debtor to fulfill the needs without collateral.

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KEB Hana KTA Benefit

Introducing personal loan facility from PT Bank KEB Hana Indonesia (KEB Hana Bank). With loan facility up to IDR 200 million, personal loan from KEB Hana Bank is the right solution to make your dreams come true sooner.

Enjoy more benefits from personal loan from KEB Hana:

  • Fast and transparent process.
  • Competitive interest and fixed monthly installment.
  • Flexible loan term from 12, 24, 36, 48 or 60 months.
  • Loan platform up to IDR 200 million.
Type Interest Rate Provision Admin Fee (IDR) Late Fee Early Payment Fee
Regular 1.35% flat per month

Equivalent to 28.67% effective p.a.

1.2% - 2.2% 100,000 – 250,000 0.5% per day (from monthly installment) 5% from the principle
Online (KEB Hana Website) and other marketing channel 0.95% flat per month

Equivalent to 20.42% effective p.a.

2% 100,000 0.5% per day (from monthly installment) 5% from the principle
Payroll Follow terms and conditions for payroll customers
  1. KTA Regular refers to the application from customers submitted through KEB Hana branches
  2. Online personal loan is application coming from
  3. Marketing channels refer to other channel in partnership with the bank.
  4. Payroll refers to customers working for a company which employment payroll is performed via the bank. The rate is subject to mutual agreement between the company and the bank. KTA application for payroll is submitted through company’s HR.
  5. All fees are subject to change.
  6. All customers will be enrolled to insurance protection.

This is how your KTA Online monthly installment is calculated:

Monthly Installment = (Loan + ( Loan x Monthly Fixed Interest Rate x Loan Period))/Loan Period

Example :

Terms & Conditions
Loan IDR 200 Million
Loan Period 24 months
Monthly Fixed Interest Rate 0.95% flat/month

Equivalent to 20.42% effective p.a.

Then, Monthly Installment is (IDR 200 million + (Rp 200 Million x 0.95% x 24))

24 Month

Monthly installment: IDR 10,233,334

Calculation is indicative only. Refers to the Credit Approval Sheet for details of the monthly installment.

Sent the payment to KEB Hana Bank through the following channels:

  1. Cash
    Payment is performed at any KEB Hana branch by depositing money to the customers’ KEB Hana account.
  2. Transfer
    Payment is performed through fund transfer via ATM that is a member of ATM Bersama and ATM Prima networks to customer’s account at KEB Hana Bank. Note: transfer fee and policy of each bank apply.
  1. Indonesian citizen (WNI)/foreign citizen (WNA)
  2. 21 – 60 years old
  3. Minimum salary IDR 3,5 million per month for employees or minimum income of IDR 3,5 million per month (prove by copy of savings book)
  4. Employment status:
    • Permanent employee with minimum employment period of 1 year
    • Contract employee with minimum employment period of 2 years (proven by contract letter)
    • Entrepreneur/Professional with minimum business operation of 2 years.
  5. Other document requirements when applying for the loan:
    • Completed application form
    • Copy of ID
    • Copy of Passport and KITAS/KITAP (WNA)
    • Copy of NPWP (for loan > IDR 50 million)
    • Copy of credit card or
    • Copy of proof of income (salary slip from the past 1 month or bank account statement from the past 3 months).

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