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KEB Hana Bank Launches Smart Zone Container August 16, 2017

KEB Hana Bank continuously creates innovations to provide the best service for its customers. After successfully launches its Smart Zone at Lotte Mart since mid of 2017, more Smart Zone have been launched in a more attractive design by using 20-feet size of container, Wednesday (16/8). The launching of the first Smart Zone Container was held at YTKI yard, Jakarta. For the inauguration, KEB Hana Bank President Director Martin Lee threw a traditional pitcher, witnessed by the Finance Director Park Jong Jin and other board of management.

Smart Zone Container is exclusively designed for the payroll customers in industrial estates, such as Subang and Jepara. Today, KEB Hana Bank services are more reachable for the customers who work in factories. Through Smart Zone Container, the customers are able to withdraw and deposit certain amount of cash from the Cash Recycling Machine, open bank account through Hana Pioneer, and directly ask questions to the staffs. Other than increasing the service networks, Smart Zone hopes to create more acquisitions from new customers at some strategic locations.


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