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Approaching Lebaran, KEB Hana Bank Launches 2 Mobile ATMs June 21, 2017

In order to increase service coverage to customers, KEB Hana Bank President Director Martin Lee launched 2 (two) more mobile ATMs in the YTKI yard, Wednesday (21/6). With the launching of new mobile ATM, KEB Hana Bank has had 4 (four) mobile ATMs that are ready to serve retail customers, especially payroll customers in industrial estates in West Java and Central Java. The new mobile ATMs are equipped with 1 ATM and 1 CRM in each unit which provide ease to the customers on cash withdrawal and deposit. Moreover, the launching of new mobile ATMs has expanded existing services provided by KEB Hana Bank, including 58 branch offices, 86 offsite ATMs and 72 onsite ATMs.


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