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Enter BUKU III, KEB Hana Bank Implements Deposit Rate Cap May 10, 2017

PT Bank KEB Hana Indonesia (KEB Hana Bank) had successfully entered the BUKU III category whose core capital amounts to between Rp 5 trillion and Rp 30 trillion. The increase of its status has been effective since 31 January 2017 referring to OJK Regulation No.06/POJK.03/2016 regarding Business Activities and Office Network Based on the Bank's Core Capital. Thus, KEB Hana Bank recorded a new milestone in its company’s journey by becoming the first Korean Bank in Indonesia to enter the BUKU III category.

KEB Hana Bank commits to provide more excellent banking services to its customers. Besides improving the quality of services, the Bank is also required to enforce OJK Regulations for BUKU III, one of them is to apply the upper limit of the maximum deposit rate of 100 bps above the Bank Indonesia (BI) 7-day Repo Rate. However, given the Bank's core capital that can still fluctuate, Financial Services Authority through letter No.S-23/PB.31/2017 agreed to postpone the implementation of the Deposit Rate Cap until the end of March 2017.


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