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Donations for Children with Down Syndrome From KEB Hana Bank June 18, 2016

On Friday (15/1), respected representatives from KEB Hana Bank conducted the first social activity in 2016 to Yayasan Tri Asih in Jl. Karmel Raya No. 2, Kebon Jeruk, West Jakarta. This annual activity was an initiative from the employees as a form of sharing with others. Represented by Mr. Kevin (Head of IT II), Mrs. Mia (Head of Operations) and several employees, KEB Hana Bank donated daily needs and cleaning equipment to the caretakers of the foundation to support their daily activities.

Yayasan Tri Asih is a private institution fostering and educating children with Down syndrome. The educators are trained and educated to encounter the Down syndrome children. Having trained by the caretakers every day, the down syndrome children receive varied trainings from sewing, knitting, cooking to entrepreneurship. On that occasion, around 30 down syndrome children, along with their caretakers, performed their abilities to dance and sing. The visit itself was very memorable and brought happiness for Yayasan Tri Asih. In addition, the donations from KEB Hana Bank hope to give more prosperity for them.


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