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Sharing Happiness with Al-Huda Foundation July 15, 2015

KEB Hana Bank, on Tuesday (14/7), visited Al-Huda Foundation in Tanah Abang, Jakarta to share happiness with orphanages. The event was initiated by KEB Hana staffs and represented by 6 staffs from various departments. They came to give basic needs for Lebaran to Al-Huda Foundation where there live 51 orphanages and 7 people who manage the Foundation. “This is my first time participating in this kind of activity. I am so impressed while looking at their happy face; they were excited and enjoyed the event meanwhile fasting. I would be very pleased to join again,” said Kevin Choi, Head of IT II Division of KEB Hana Bank.

KEB Hana Bank, represented by Sumia (Head of Operations), shared banking education on the importance of saving money starting at a young age. The event became more attractive because of children’s participation. In addition, there was also a quiz; the one who was brave enough to answer the question with correct answer, got a special prize from KEB Hana Bank. Subur, Head of Al-Huda Foundation, said, “Thanks for visiting and giving us the donations. Wishing KEB Hana Bank great success!”


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