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Supporting Small Enterprises, KEB Hana Bank Delivers CSR Donation for Koperasi Sumber Mertha Buana August 11, 2017

Other than focusing the best bank services to its customers, the existence of KEB Hana Bank also hopes to show its social commitment and responsibilities to deliver more social values to the surrounding communities and environments. On Friday (11/8), KEB Hana Bank President Director Martin Lee visited Koperasi Sumber Mertha Buana in Badung Regency, Bali, that focuses on coffee production. In that visit, Compliance Director Bayu Wisnu Wardhana also attended to deliver the donation of coffee roasting machine, coffee beans sorting machine, and coffee peeler machine.

KEB Hana Bank has started its support towards Koperasi Sumber Merta Buana since November 2015 after signing the OVOP (One Village One Product) agreement. Since then, KEB Hana Bank commits to support the production and marketing process of Kintamani Coffee. Furthermore, KEB Hana Bank also serves Kintamani Coffee as one of the beverages at Hana Lounge.

During the CSR donation activity, I Wayan Terima as the Head of the Koperasi uttered his gratitude to KEB Hana Bank. “On behalf of Koperasi Sumber Mertha Buana, we feel very grateful for this donations and attention from KEB Hana Bank. We surely need the donation to enhance our production process since we are having limited facilities,” said I Wayan. On that occasion, he also conveyed their wishes for KEB Hana Bank to have an accelerate growth in Indonesian banking industry and to keep supporting local small enterprises through CSR programs.


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