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KEB Hana Bank Organizes Blood Donation Activity August 04, 2017

To show affection to others, KEB Hana Bank organized a blood donation activity at the Training Room, Menara Jamsostek, 17th Floor (4/8). This is the first blood donation held by KEB Hana Bank, coordinating with Blood Transfusion Unit (Unit Transfusi Darah/ UTD) of Indonesian Red Cross Society, Jakarta.

All employees of KEB Hana Bank gave warm welcome to this social activity, shown by the number of the donors which was more than 80 people. Although the registration was opened in the morning, more donor candidates still came even until lunch time. Not limited to the employees, the General Director of KEB Hana Bank, Martin Lee, also donated his blood. After closing the registration, at least 67 blood donations have been successfully collected from all donors who have passed the medical check-up.

During the blood donation, KEB Hana Bank also gave donation in form of cash to the Jakarta’s Red Cross Society to support its social activity. The donation was delivered by Sumia, representing management of KEB Hana Bank, and received by dr. Salimar Salim, MARS as the Head of UTD at Jakarta’s Red Cross Society.


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