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Sharing Happiness at Yayasan Al- Hasanat Jaya June 23, 2016

Many people share happiness to others in the holy month of Ramadan; where abundant blessings overwhelm for countless people. Therefore during Ramadan this year, KEB Hana Bank re-implemented the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program by visiting orphans at Yayasan Al- Hasanat Jaya, located at Jl. Pancoran Barat VI-B/70, on Wednesday (22/6). In this visit, 12 representatives from varied departments in KEB Hana Bank visited 30 orphans and the caretakers for a break-fasting.

Before the iftar, several games were played by the attendees and they performed their talents, such as: singing, praying and reading verses from Al-Quran. During the event, KEB Hana Bank also educated the orphans about banking, especially regarding the money management and the advantage of saving money at the bank. Finally, at the end of the event, KEB Hana Bank distributed donations as a part of employees’ participations. The donations included daily needs and some allowances (THR) for every kid who attended the event. This visit and donations hope to enhance their happiness at the orphan house in welcoming the Eid.


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